Used vehicles, trucks, spares and retail export from the UK to Africa

Thanks to Valkyrie Procurement and Logistics in the UK, intercontinental purchasing and the management thereof is no longer a daunting or complicated concept.

Valkyrie originated within the commercial vehicle export sector and has since superbly expanded their services to include car and truck spares as well as retail products to any part of the world, including Africa.

Their years of experience in all methods of worldwide and domestic transportation is what enables them to guarantee you a world class supply of interlinked solutions to your specific commercial or individual needs.

So how does it practically work and what is in it for you?

Let’s say for example you are a prospective client in Africa in need of a used vehicle from the UK, Valkyrie Procurement and Logistics will do the following on your behalf

  • Source
  • Ship
  • Clear and
  • Deliver!

What sets them apart from other companies offering similar services in this sector is their personalized, individual service.

Refusing to lower their standards to the customary operations of general used car and truck dealers, Valkyrie goes the extra mile to ensure you receive the product you are paying for.

In doing so, they offer to:

  • Complete all necessary physical inspections
  • Undertake documentation verification
  • Ensure an accurate appraisal and
  • Flag any concerns

Instead of falling victim to extortion and being forced to ‘buy blind’, the Valkyrie team acts as the customer’s eyes and ears in the UK to avoid disappointment.

Among many other success stories, customer testimonies include numerous outstanding transactions involving used cars and trucks delivered from the UK to Africa.

At Valkyrie Procurement and Logistics, the negative impact of a vehicle or machine out of service is fully understood. For this reason, they are passionate about getting your car or truck spares to you in the shortest time possible.

How do they make this happen?

  • Precision and a firm handle on the latest information regarding logistics
  • Streamlined service to get you what you need within days not weeks no matter where you are in Africa
  • Affiliated with the world’s leading courier networks
  • Combining multiple items that need to be shipped to save you time and money
  • Able to respond rapidly to your needs

With easy access to eBay and major spares dealers air freight from the UK to Africa, it is no problem to find second hand parts at very affordable prices.

Valkyrie has car and truck spares from the UK delivered to Africa regularly, including Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa:

To illustrate their effectiveness, a recent customer of Valkyrie in Zambia needed an urgent replacement turbo charger for a Ranger Rover. He was unable to find it locally so the Valkyrie team in the UK quickly located a second hand one on eBay and air freighted it to Zambia.

The best part? It was delivered to his doorstep in 3 days!

Now that we have covered Valkyrie Procurement and Logistics’ excellent service regarding the delivery of used cars, trucks and spares from the UK to Africa, let’s move on to their unbelievable 0% commission export of retail products.

Based in the UK, Valkyrie Procurement and Logistics makes it possible for customers based in countries throughout Africa where options are limited to get their hands on anything from laptops to sunglasses.

Frequently used retailers include Amazon UK, Argos and eBay to name a few. Now for the best part; Valkyrie does not add any commission on the price of the item! In other words, the price you would pay in the shop is literally the price you pay them!

It is worth mentioning that Argos from the UK is delivered to Europe and with their logistics network, Valkyrie can also deliver to the most remote parts of Africa.

Removing all the usual barriers and earning each customer’s trust one perfect delivery at a time, Valkyrie Procurement and Logistics is guaranteed to be to your single point of contact for all your retail products/ spares/ vehicles or truck purchasing needs.

Allow Valkyrie Procurement and Logistics to expand your access to solutions in the most effortless and satisfying way. Don’t delay, contact them today!