Get The Products You Want, Delivered Right To Your Doorstep In 3 Easy Steps

Not everything we like or want is available in the country we call home. You could be browsing the internet, find exactly what you want, only to realise that shipping it to you will cost more than the product itself. That is of course if you haven’t used Valkyrie Logistics before.

Retail product order, purchasing and shipping from retailers such as Argos, Amazon and eBay can all be delivered to your doorstep and you don’t even have to take out a second mortgage to afford it. Not convinced that this is a valid option? Let me explain how it works:

Step 1:

You visit your favourite retailer’s website. You see something you like and want. You don’t buy it. Instead, you copy the URL link or product description and send it to Valkyrie via the online form. We then confirm the product to make sure it’s the right one and send you an invoice and payment instructions.

Step 2:

After you’ve received the invoice, you make a payment. The moment we receive confirmation of payment, we purchase the product, adding 0% commision. You’ll pay the exact same price listed on the retailer’s website.

Step 3:

Using our logistics network, we ship the products right to your doorstep via FedEx, DHL or Mercury.

But, wouldn’t it be more expensive than to just pay the shipping fee on the retailer’s website?

Good question. And the answer is NO. Because we have an extensive logistics network, we can offer affordable delivery in even the most remote parts of the world. Our primary goal is to get you what you want as quickly and safely as possible.

Never again do you have to be disappointed because of a product you can’t have or because you have to pay twice the amount for it. Valkyrie Logistics have made it possible for you to order from your favourite UK retailer without the hassle and big price tag. For more information, get in touch with the team today.

Used Toyota Cars Export from UK to Africa

4 Reasons To Use Valkyrie For Automotive Exports From The UK

So you’ve found the perfect used truck for your business. The only problem is that it is far away, across the ocean on a different continent.

Previously, it would have been a huge task but now that you’ve found Valkyrie Logistics, you have a solution to get your truck to South Africa or to your branch in Europe. What’s more is that if you need parts and spares in future, Valkyrie will be able to source and deliver these too!

Here are 4 reasons why Valkyrie is the best solution when it comes to vehicles, trucks and spares export from UK to Africa and Europe:

  1. Affordable

Ordering multiple items can set you back in shipping fees. By using Valkyrie, you can combine these items into one load which will save you thousands of dollars. If the machinery you purchase isn’t eligible for roll-on/roll-off service, we will load them on a truck that’s on it’s way to your destination, saving you money.

  1. Safe

Because of our vast knowledge of legislation and documentation, we will inspect your vehicle or machinery before purchase to make sure you get what you pay for. If we have any concerns, we’ll let you know. This is a safety precaution we offer to make sure you’re not being ripped off or scammed.

  1. Fast

We have an extensive logistics network that enables us to get you your order as fast and efficiently as possible.

  1. Easy

Ordering used vehicles, trucks or spares has never been easier! You send us the details of the product, we find it, inspect it, make the purchase and ship it to your doorstep.

We understand that our customers’ requirements vary greatly and as such are committed to treating each client and order as a unique case with a tailored solution. Our primary goal is to protect your money and to deliver your order as quickly as possible. For more information or to use our services, get in touch with our team today.