3 Reasons to Consider Exporting Vehicles to Africa

There are various reasons why one would choose to export used vehicles, trucks or machinery to Africa from the UK. It might be cheaper to source it this way or perhaps you just can’t find it where you live. Whatever the reason, exporting comes with many advantages and if you want to know how it could benefit yourself or your business, you better keep reading.

  1. Increased Sales Opportunities

By expanding your target market, you’re increasing sales potential. You can earn a lot more money once you stop focussing on your local market and start exporting. The market in South Africa is tiny in comparison to the markets of Europe, Asia and North America.

The local market does offer adequate sales potential to smaller businesses but for medium and large corporations, the only way to grow is to export

  1. Increased Profits

It is obvious that you don’t enter the export business to make a loss. Organisations typically aim to make profits and the bigger the better.

Companies increase their profit margins through exports due to the fact that the typical order from international clients tend to be bigger than that of domestic buyers. International buyers often order by container instead of by pallet. Unique products such as used vehicles, machinery or trucks may also offer bigger profit margins abroad than locally.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Not Growing as a Business

Being bound to the domestic market only is risky. By exporting to a variety of foreign markets, you can reduce the risk of being exposed to fluctuations in both local and foreign business periods. Different countries have different growth rates and by selling to various countries, you’ll decrease the risk of low growth, thus balancing your portfolio overall.

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