Why You Should Trust Valkyrie Logistics for Your Retail Product Delivery from UK to Africa

Argos product delivery and logistics from UK to Africa

It’s no secret that international shipping can get expensive, that is if the retailer actually ships to South Africa. Mostly, they don’t. But Valkyrie Logistics is here to help. We created our consolidation service to give you the freedom to shop at one or more UK retailers while decreasing the cost of shipping fees.

Why Use Valkyrie Logistics Consolidation Service?

Before we answer your question, let’s have a look at how shipping fees are estimated. Shipping carriers charge a minimum rate for the first 500g of any package, and every 500g after that is charged at a lower rate. Should you buy from different retailers, your packages will be shipped individually, meaning you’ll have to pay the minimum rate for every retailer. And those minimum rates can add up real quick.

Enter our consolidation services. If you consolidate your purchases you can save money on shipping costs. We ship all your packages from our warehouse right to your doorstep using one tracking number. No need to pay that minimum fee more than once. Your orders will all be delivered in their original packaging and at the same time.

Retailers Where You Can Shop

At Valkyrie Logistics we offer our consolidation services for various retailers in the UK such as Amazon, Argos, eBay and many more.

We don’t charge any commission on your order and the price you see on the retailer’s website is the price you’ll pay for your order. Ordering is easy:

  1. Send us your order description or even a link to the product you wish to buy
  2. Make a payment
  3. Receive your order via FedEx, Mercury or DHL

We handle the entire process for you to ensure your order reaches you on time.

If you love the products offered by international retailers but find that shipping isn’t available in your country or just too expensive, just use Valkyrie Logistics. Our aim is to make international shipping as easy and stress-free as possible.

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