Valkyrie Logistics Makes Intercontinental Shopping Possible for South Africans

Amazon products delivery and logistics from UK to Africa

Thanks to Valkyrie Logistics in the UK, global purchasing is no longer a foreign or complicated concept. Valkyrie Logistics makes it possible for customers based in African countries where options are limited to get their hands on anything available in UK online retail shops.

By removing all obstacles, Valkyrie Logistics can be your one stop shop for all your purchasing needs, whether retail products, spares or vehicles.

Valkyrie started out in the commercial vehicle export industry and has expanded greatly in recent years to include retail products as well as vehicle and truck spares delivered to any part of the world.

How does it actually work?

With easy access to major retailers and spares dealers, Valkyrie can easily find both brand new and second-hand parts at very affordable prices. If you’re a prospective client looking for spares or a used vehicle overseas, the logistics can become complicated and lengthily and expensive. Additionally, buying blind is risky. So, to avoid disappointment, Valkyrie will do the following on your behalf:

  • Complete required physical inspections
  • Documentation verifications
  • Objective assessments
  • Bring any concerns to your attention

What sets us apart from other our competitors in the industry, is our personalised, individual service. Add to that an unbelievable 0% commission on the export of retail products and spares. In other words, you pay exactly the same price for the item you see in the online shop.

How does Valkyrie make this happen?

  • Valkyrie keeps up to date with the latest details about logistics
  • They take great pride in their streamlined services and quick turnaround time
  • They are connected with world-renowned courier networks
  • They can combine purchases from multiple retailers to save you money
  • Excellent customer service and communication

For more information on how Valkyrie Logistics can assist with your vehicle export from UK to Africa and Europe, get in touch with the team today!

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