Truck Exports to Africa: Choose Your Export Company Wisely

Exporting trucks from the UK to Africa has never been more popular. Experts are often astounded at the prices that are paid for trucks and used vehicles intended for export – and there is no sign that demand will dry up in the near future. Some of the most popular brands include Mercedes, MAN, Daf and Scania. Different makes of trucks are popular in different countries. For example, in Uganda and Kenya they fancy Mercedes but in Tanzania, the up-and-coming make is Daf.

With popularity comes competition which means exporting from the UK is a lot more competitive today than it was a few years ago. These days everybody wants a piece of the pie which is why you should choose carefully when appointing an export company.

Characteristics of a Reliable Used Vehicle and Truck Exporter

  1. Straightforward Experience Without Any Hidden Fine Print

There’s always a catch, right? Not when you hire Valkyrie Logistics. Transparency from the get-go and communication throughout the process ensures zero possibilities for confusion and misunderstandings.

  1. Related Service Offerings

Valkyrie Logistics want to protect their customers at all costs which means that a vehicle or truck inspection before the sale is made is a requirement. There are many dishonest people in the world and it’s only right that we protect our clients from them. We make sure that what you think you’re buying is really what you’re buying.

  1. Simple Solution For Complex Logistics

Purchasing more than one vehicle? We still offer one simple solution no matter how complicated the logistics on our side. We only start the shipping process once we have all the stock in our warehouse.

Truck export from the UK to Africa requires some skills not everyone possesses. To ensure a smooth transaction with a satisfying outcome, it’s best to hire professionals for the job. For more information about importing used vehicles, trucks and spares from the UK, get in touch with the team at Valkyrie Logistics today.




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