4 Signs Your Vehicle Export Company Is Legit

Used Toyota Cars Export from UK to Africa

Having access to a global market place is great but not if you become the target of a major scam. There are some things you can do to avoid it and mostly it requires common sense. If something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Choosing a vehicle export company is no different and you should always check their validity. Below are 4 signs you’re working with a legit company.

They Have an Online Presence

Whether they have a website that’s updated regularly with fresh content or news, or they have social media channels where they interact with potential clients, an online presence gives them more credibility. If you can’t seem to find a company someone suggested to you online, it might be a scam and you’re better off moving on to the next business.

They Aren’t the Cheapest

Everyone wants good value for money but the lowest quote doesn’t necessarily equal value for money. You know what they say: “You get what you pay for.” If a company is much cheaper than the others, there’s a good reason for it and would suggest you rather not take a chance with your money.

They Have Experience

Used vehicle export from the UK to Africa is a complicated process better left for the experts. There are so many rules and regulations which constantly change that only a seasoned professional will know and understand. If your export company has many years experience, we say go for it!

They Go the Extra Mile

Importing a vehicle from another country is a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Additionally, you aren’t there to confirm whether it’s a scam or the real deal. An export company that’s worth their weight in gold will go the extra mile by offering an inspection of the purchase to ensure you’re getting what’s advertised before you invest your money.

Valkyrie Logistics is a trustworthy business who can export your used vehicle from UK to Africa in a timely manner. For more information or a free quote, get in touch with the team today!


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