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Take The Hassle Out Of Vehicle And Truck Export [Simple Solution]

It is common knowledge that imports and exports are a complicated business. There are certain rules and regulations that you need to adhere to and they vary in each country. But what if there were a way to uncomplicate this process? To make vehicle and truck export from UK to Africa quick and easy?

No need to wonder any longer. We have the solution you need to take the hassle out of truck and vehicle export for good. The answer is simple – hire Valkyrie Logistics.

Let Valkyrie Logistics Assist with Vehicle and Truck Export from the UK to Africa

Based in the UK, Valkyrie can help with all your logistical needs. If you’re looking for truck spare parts, a truck or a vehicle to import to your home country, we can offer the assistance you need to get it there quickly and safely. To ensure that you’re getting what you pay for, we’ll perform an inspection before making the purchase on your behalf.

What’s even better is that we’ll take care of the entire process – sourcing, purchasing and shipping as well as the customs clearance and delivery (straight to your front door). Importing a vehicle or truck has never been easier. Never again will you be limited to what’s available locally – the world is your oyster!

If you’re interested in our services, all you have to do is send us an email with the product information and price or a link to the product listing. We’ll then send you an invoice and once we receive payment, we’ll make the purchase. We won’t put a markup on the listed price – we only charge for our services.

Get the ball rolling and buy that vehicle or truck you’ve been eyeing and let us do the rest! For more information, speak to the team at Valkyrie Logistics today!

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Put An End To Expensive Shipping Fees With This Simple Tip

Online shopping is super convenient, especially if you’re an introvert. But Africa still has a long way to go when it comes to selling online compared to the rest of the world. Which is why people turn to the online shops of other countries like Amazon, eBay or Argo’s. These online shops offer an extensive range of products that can’t be sourced locally.

International shipping fees, however, is what’s stopping you from actually making a purchase, right? It’s expensive! With the inflated price, comes a long waiting time and if for some reason you might need to return the product, it would be a logistical nightmare. In the end, the effort doesn’t seem worth the product.

Fast and Affordable Retail Product Delivery from UK to Africa

Valkyrie Logistics can help you buy the products you want from any UK online store without paying an arm and a leg for shipping. By offering this service, you’ll never be limited to what you can buy, ever again.

This is how it works:

  1. You send us a description or link of the product/s you wish to buy.

You can send us links from various sites and we’ll make the purchases on your behalf and safely keep it in our warehouse until we’ve received every item.

  1. We’ll send you an invoice for the products and delivery and you make a payment.

You’ll notice that the amount you pay for the product remains the same as on the site you’re purchasing from. We don’t put a markup on any product.

  1. We deliver the goods right to your doorstep.

We use reliable and affordable shipping companies for our deliveries like DHL, FedEx and Mercury.

Why pay ridiculous shipping fees when you can use the affordable services offered by Valkyrie Logistics? Send us your order by filling in our email form, or give us a call today.

Used Toyota Cars Export from UK to Africa

4 Signs Your Vehicle Export Company Is Legit

Having access to a global market place is great but not if you become the target of a major scam. There are some things you can do to avoid it and mostly it requires common sense. If something is too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

Choosing a vehicle export company is no different and you should always check their validity. Below are 4 signs you’re working with a legit company.

They Have an Online Presence

Whether they have a website that’s updated regularly with fresh content or news, or they have social media channels where they interact with potential clients, an online presence gives them more credibility. If you can’t seem to find a company someone suggested to you online, it might be a scam and you’re better off moving on to the next business.

They Aren’t the Cheapest

Everyone wants good value for money but the lowest quote doesn’t necessarily equal value for money. You know what they say: “You get what you pay for.” If a company is much cheaper than the others, there’s a good reason for it and would suggest you rather not take a chance with your money.

They Have Experience

Used vehicle export from the UK to Africa is a complicated process better left for the experts. There are so many rules and regulations which constantly change that only a seasoned professional will know and understand. If your export company has many years experience, we say go for it!

They Go the Extra Mile

Importing a vehicle from another country is a daunting task if you don’t know where to start. Additionally, you aren’t there to confirm whether it’s a scam or the real deal. An export company that’s worth their weight in gold will go the extra mile by offering an inspection of the purchase to ensure you’re getting what’s advertised before you invest your money.

Valkyrie Logistics is a trustworthy business who can export your used vehicle from UK to Africa in a timely manner. For more information or a free quote, get in touch with the team today!


3 Advantages of Importing from Foreign Markets

The world has become much smaller with the advancement in technology over the last couple of years. Long gone are the days when importing goods from other countries took months or even years to arrive. But time isn’t the only benefit you’ll reap when importing goods from overseas.

The rapid growth Africans are currently facing has resulted in an increased demand for goods like machinery, spare parts and other mechanical accessories. The automobile spare parts market, in particular, has been an attractive sector for UK based organisations which is why Valkyrie Logistics has been offering spares export from UK to Africa for the last few years. Below are more reasons to consider broadening your horizon.

Lower-Priced Goods Due to Comparative Advantage

Also the most common reason for businesses to source goods from overseas, the condition in foreign markets such as low labour costs or tax schemes means that you can get products you need at significantly cheaper rates. Importing is a fast and sure way to cut expenses and boost profits.

Higher Quality Products

Every country has their own specialities and strengths. If the goods you need are manufactured outside of your country’s borders, you might want to consider importing them. This way you can be sure to work with the best materials from the get-go, thus offering excellent quality products to your clients.

Government Trade Agreements

Many governments encourage trade relations thus making importing easy and straightforward. The risks involved in import transactions reduce significantly with official agency oversight, providing you with complete peace of mind. The different trade agreements settled by each country can provide you with unique benefits that make importing easier and more affordable.

For more information about the services provided by Valkyrie Logistics or to start your spares export from UK to Africa process, get in touch with the team today!

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Fast and Reliable Vehicle and Truck Export from the UK to Africa

The advancement of technology has made the world much smaller than it used to be. People
can be on a different continent within a matter of hours. Families who live in different countries
can communicate easily and on a regular basis. Which is why there’s no need to limit yourself to
the local market when it comes to buying a new car or even a truck.

There are excellent deals awaiting you if you expand your search area to the international
market. But, nobody wants to wait for weeks or even months when importing trucks or vehicles
from overseas. This process can be daunting and lengthy when if you don’t use an experienced
and trustworthy exporting company. Which is why you should consider hiring Valkyrie Logistics.

Whether you’re a regular buyer looking for the perfect vehicle or a business requiring complex
logistics, we have the necessary experience and connections to deliver vehicles or trucks right
to your door, anywhere in Africa. We offer a tailored solution that will suit your exact needs.
Valkyrie Logistics is located in the UK but we can administer all your logistics and purchasing
needs into one simple transaction, quickly and efficiently.

To make sure you get the best deal, we will do a thorough inspection of the vehicle or truck. We
strive to ensure your satisfaction and that what you see in photographs are true in reality.

Vehicle and Truck Export from the UK to Africa has never been easier. As long as you use the
professionals to manage the transaction. If you have any questions, feel free to speak to one of
our team members. Alternatively, you can send us an email with a link or description of the
vehicle you wish to purchase and we’ll get right to it. As soon as you make the payment we’ll
deliver within a few days. Get in touch today!

Truck Exports to Africa: Choose Your Export Company Wisely

Exporting trucks from the UK to Africa has never been more popular. Experts are often astounded at the prices that are paid for trucks and used vehicles intended for export – and there is no sign that demand will dry up in the near future. Some of the most popular brands include Mercedes, MAN, Daf and Scania. Different makes of trucks are popular in different countries. For example, in Uganda and Kenya they fancy Mercedes but in Tanzania, the up-and-coming make is Daf.

With popularity comes competition which means exporting from the UK is a lot more competitive today than it was a few years ago. These days everybody wants a piece of the pie which is why you should choose carefully when appointing an export company.

Characteristics of a Reliable Used Vehicle and Truck Exporter

  1. Straightforward Experience Without Any Hidden Fine Print

There’s always a catch, right? Not when you hire Valkyrie Logistics. Transparency from the get-go and communication throughout the process ensures zero possibilities for confusion and misunderstandings.

  1. Related Service Offerings

Valkyrie Logistics want to protect their customers at all costs which means that a vehicle or truck inspection before the sale is made is a requirement. There are many dishonest people in the world and it’s only right that we protect our clients from them. We make sure that what you think you’re buying is really what you’re buying.

  1. Simple Solution For Complex Logistics

Purchasing more than one vehicle? We still offer one simple solution no matter how complicated the logistics on our side. We only start the shipping process once we have all the stock in our warehouse.

Truck export from the UK to Africa requires some skills not everyone possesses. To ensure a smooth transaction with a satisfying outcome, it’s best to hire professionals for the job. For more information about importing used vehicles, trucks and spares from the UK, get in touch with the team at Valkyrie Logistics today.




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Say No to Expensive Shipping Fees When Purchasing from Amazon

The South African Rand isn’t as strong as it used to be a few years back which is really bad news for anyone making online purchases from international retailers. While you might get a huge bargain on the items you buy, shipping can be extremely expensive. Especially if you buy from more than one retailer.

You might have given up on that item you really wanted because it’s just too costly to get it to where you are, but it doesn’t have to be that way! So how can you still get the goods you want without paying ridiculous shipping prices, you might ask? Two words – Valkyrie Logistics.

Easy and Affordable Product Purchasing and Delivery from Amazon UK

Valkyrie acts as your personal shopper, to put it simply. You tell them what you want, they get it for you from whichever retailer(s) and send it right to your doorstep. Now that’s what I call service!

Let me guess, you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, right? But it’s not! The team at Valkyrie Logistics can help you purchase anything you want from retailers such as Argo’s, Amazon and eBay to name a few. Once all of your items are delivered to their warehouse, they send it in one neat package, right to your doorstep, using the most reliable shipping companies – FedEx, Mercury and DHL. And you know what? They don’t even add commision to your purchase. You’ll pay exactly the amount the item was listed for online.

Follow these easy steps and before long, you too will have all the things you only wished you can have from international retailers:

1. Send Valkyrie Logistics a link or product description of the item(s) you want

2. Make a payment upon receipt of the invoice

3. Patiently wait for your shipment – it will only take a few days

For more information, get in touch with the team today!

Don’t Give up on the Car of Your Dreams Just Because You Can’t Source It Locally

So you’ve just found the car of your dreams but you notice that it is listed on a UK site which means you’ll have to start searching all over again. Or do you? When buying a second-hand car, it can be challenging to find the exact car you want. Which is why you should expand your search to the international market. Vehicle export from the UK to Africa and Europe is more affordable than you might think!

Ok, great so exporting a vehicle from the UK is affordable, but how do you make sure the car is in a great condition as promised? You can’t just hop on a flight to check out the vehicle.

What if I told you there’s no need to take extreme steps to ensure a quality purchase? That there are trusted people who can do it for you. People like Valkyrie Logistics.

Valkyrie Logistics will treat your vehicle purchase like it’s their own. Before any transaction is done, a thorough inspection of the vehicle will be carried out to ensure you are not being scammed or ripped off.

Sounds good right? Let’s just recap: By hiring Valkyrie, you have an affordable means to get your car from the UK to Africa and an inspection will be carried out on your behalf to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

What about timing? Won’t it take forever to import a car? And what about all the documentation? All valid concerns but nothing to worry about. Valkyrie Logistics has extensive knowledge with regards to the documentation of exports and imports. And as for the delivery, your vehicle will be delivered to your doorstep and you won’t have to wait months since we work from ports in Walvis Bay, Durban and Dar es Salaam.

Don’t limit your options when it comes to purchasing a second-hand vehicle. Let Valkyrie Logistics help you source the car of your dreams.

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Amazon UK Shopping and Shipping Made Easy for Africans

Let’s face it, Africa is lightyears behind when it comes to online shopping. We’ve got nothing on Amazon which only recently made it possible for South Africans to make purchases on some items. However, the only shipping option is to receive the goods via priority courier shipping, which is extremely expensive. So, back to square one.

So what is one to do when you can’t find what you’re looking for locally but don’t want to take out a second bond to import it from overseas? Use Valkyrie Logistics, of course! Let me explain.

Product purchasing and delivery from Amazon and other UK retailers like eBay and Argos have just become significantly easier and more affordable for Africans thanks to Valkyrie Logistics. Here’s how it works:

The first step is to make a list of the items you want from whichever retailer. If it’s just one item, a link to the product or description will suffice. Once you have your list, you can email it to Valkyrie Logistics or send it to them via the online contact form.

The next step is to make a payment. Valkyrie Logistics offers a 0% commission on all purchases which means you pay the exact price the retailer charges in their online store.

Upon the receipt of payment, Valkyrie makes the purchase on behalf of yourself which after they ship it directly to your doorstep using only the most reliable and trusted shipment companies. Buying from more than one retailer is also possible since Valkyrie will source all the products on your list and include them in one shipment, saving your time, effort and money.

Buy all the products you want from various retailers in the UK with one transaction and one shipment. It doesn’t get easier than that! For more information, speak to the team at Valkyrie Logistics today.

Why Limit Your Vehicle Purchasing to the Local Market When You can Import With Valkyrie Logistics

Cars are expensive and you shouldn’t have to settle for a car you don’t actually want because of local availability. A simple online search will open up your possibilities tremendously, the one question still remains: “How do I get my vehicle to South Africa?”

Thanks to technology, the world has become much smaller in the sense that you can shop globally in a few easy clicks. This means that you have access to a whole new realm of options. If you happen to see the car of your dreams but it isn’t located where you live, don’t worry, Valkyrie Logistics can assist you with vehicle exports from UK to Africa and Europe.

Their extensive logistics network allows them to quickly and easily deliver your vehicle without costing you an arm and a leg. As well as this, Valkyrie will inspect the vehicle before purchase to make sure you get what you pay for and nothing less!

As if that isn’t enough, their service doesn’t stop with vehicles. Valkyrie Logistics can assist you with the import of truck and car spare parts as well as retail products from renowned online retailers like Argos, eBay and Amazon, to name a few. To top this off, you won’t pay a cent more than you would if you ordered it yourself thanks to Valkyrie’s “0% commission on all retail products” policy.

If you are buying from various different retailers, no problem. Valkyrie can source your items and ship them to you all at once to save you time and money.

Don’t waste your hard earned money on expensive shipping and definitely don’t settle for second best just because you can’t find what you need locally. Speak to the team at Valkyrie today!