Used Nissan Cars export from the UK

Are you looking at buying and importing a used Nissan from the UK?

Importing a Nissan vehicle / car from the UK is quite a complex process and involves a lot of paperwork, hands on vehicle checks and a few more logistical steps. Luckily you have found Valkyrie Logistics and we can take care of the entire process for you.

Our Process

Sourcing of used Nissan vehicles

Simply send us the info of the used Nissan you are looking to import and our team of professionals will source the used car you are looking for. If you have already found the car you would like to purchase and import to your country we will go and inspect the vehicle for you to ensure that you get what you paid for!


We will take care of all the shipping requirements of your used vehicle and provide all the required supporting documents to ensure that your shipping process goes smoothly.

Clearance and Delivery

With many years of experience in the used vehicle import and export industry we will take care of all the clearance documents and requirements for you. Once cleared we also handle the most important part of the deal. The delivery! We will deliver your used car to your desired location using one of our professional and trusted delivery partners.